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Personal/Hobby Blogs- Personal and hobby blogs have put made blogging popular! These types of blogs are a great way to communicate with people. Best Blog Web Hosting is going to discuss personal and hobby blogs in this Best Blog Web Hosting article.

When blogging became popular it was only because of the large number of personal blogs and hobby blogs. Best Blog Web Hosting subscribes to many personal blogs because they are fun to read. We have family members that prefer to communicate this way so we have to read them! Best Blog Web Hosting has put together this article on personal blogs and hobby blogs to give you a better insight to them and how to find the best blog hosting for them.

Why should you have a personal blog? Personal blogs are just that….they are personal! That means what is on the blog represents you. Just like teenagers like to communicate via MySpace, all age groups use blogs to communicate and express personal views. As mentioned above Best Blog Web Hosting have a few family members that like to use blogs to communicate. They use it to post stories about our younger family members, family vacations, and to share photos. Posting family pictures on personal blogs is very popular and a cheap way to share digital pictures. No more spending money on prints when you can just upload them to your blog!

Why should you have a hobby blog? We know it may sound crazy, but people with hobbies sometimes are obsessed with them. They live for their hobbies and love to tell people about them. Some of the most popular types of hobby blogs are sport blogs, craft blogs, art blogs, and music blogs. Hobby blogs tend to be a form of art. People can really express their views.

How do you create a personal blog or hobby blog? These types of blogs are very popular among free blog hosting companies and also cheap blog hosting. For blogs that have a lot of images or videos you definitely are going to want to choose a cheap blog hosting company. Here are Best Blog Web Hosting’s top recommendations for free blog hosting and cheap blog hosting.

Free Blog Hosting- One of the most popular forms of free blog hosting is Blogger. Blogger is very basic yet easy to maintain. Creating a Blogger blog will take you a matter of minutes.

Cheap Blog Hosting- FatCow offers some of the best blog hosting you can find. For only $3.67 a month you can create an amazing blog.

FatCow Blog Hosting- $3.67 a month

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